The heavenly combination of blackberries and sloe gin is a winner in this lovely autumnal recipe. I have only made a small batch so far, but feel free to double/quadruple the recipe to stock up the pantry! These would make lovely christmas gifts.

Blackberry and Sloe Gin Jam - makes 1 normal sized jar

Simply place the fruit, sugar and a splash of water in a heavy based saucepan over a very low heat and allow the fruit to gently cook for around 8-10 minutes or until starting to break down. Stir to dissolve the sugar completely, then add the lemon juice.

Bring to the boil, and boil steadily for 5-7 minutes, or until reached setting point. (When you place a small amount of jam on a very cold plate the jam should wrinkle slightly / start to set when cooling).

Take off the heat and stir in the sloe gin.

Pour into a clean sterilised jam jar.

Sloe Gin Jam