Shoulder of venison slow cooked in a very rich Korean bbq inspired sauce, best spooned into pillowy soft bao buns (steamed buns). Serve with my porcini mushroom flavoured mayonnaise for an extra umami hit and a dollop of kimchi. These are a little effort to make but oh so worth it!


Umami Porcini Mayo

Korean BBQ Venison Bao Buns

For the Mayo

Blitz the mushrooms to a rough powder/or very small using a small food processor /coffee grinder.

Transfer to a small ramekin and pour over a little boiling water just to cover. Soak till softened.

Combine the mayo,soaked porcini (and its liquid) with the soy sauce and stir.

For the Venison

Preheat your oven to 160c (fan)

Heat 1 tbsp of rapeseed or sunflower oil in a large ovenproof pan or casserole dish big enough to fit the shoulder joint.

Season the shoulder joint well and make deep incisions with a knife all over.

Sear the venison on both sides over a high heat until browned.

Remove the venison and set aside. Add the onions to the pan and fry for a few minutes till softened before adding the garlic and smoked paprika. Fry for a further minute then add the remaining ingredients to the pan along with the venison.

Bring to a gentle simmer, cover with the lid then place in the oven for 3 hours or until meltingly tender! Every hour or so remove from the oven, turn the joint over and spoon over the liquid.

Once the venison is cooked, remove with tongs into a large dish. Return the sauce to the oven for a further 20-30 minutes until the sauce is reduced and thickened enough to coat the venison.

Using two forks shred the venison and add to the sauce. Serve in Bao Buns with a little porcini mayo, some coriander leaves and shop bought crispy onions.